Mentora high school

The BAU Global Network's Mentora Gymnasium in Berlin

The Mentora Gymnasium Berlin prepares its bright students for a successful and fulfilling future in their studies and work. We achieve that with small classes, student-friendly learning inklusive interdisciplinary tasks and a climate of mutual appreciation.

We would like to create the best conditions in our high school so that the students can concentrate fully on the learning process and live out their creativity. The three pillars on which our school is built are essential for this: the pupils, the parents and the teachers.

All three groups have important experience to further develop our school: the parents their professional knowledge, the teachers their many years of teaching experience at German and international schools and the pupils their curiosity, curiosity, desire to learn and individuality.

All participants are equally committed and work closely together to challenge the learners and to create the optimal learning atmosphere for them. For this, our teachers work intensively with our students, always receiving support from their parents.

Learning and living at the Mentora Gymnasium are characterized by:

Student-friendly learning

  • Lessons are shaped by application-related content.

  • Daily open working hours serve the individual development / deepening of learning content.

  • Differentiation offers are tailored to the needs of the pupils.

Appreciation & collaboration

  • Students, parents and teachers maintain a close and trusting exchange.

  • "School hours" in classes 7 - 12, which are scheduled every week, promote the social skills and conflict resolution skills of the pupils.

Promotion of talent

  • Our teachers have special experience and knowledge, especially when working with the highly gifted.

  • Individual learning opportunities for students with special talents can be arranged for optimal support and promotion.

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