More is possible together - appreciation at the Mentora Gymnasium

School time is our lifetime Students, in which they experience themselves and the school positively and interact personally with Students and teachers should develop further. In addition, a good social climate has a positive impact on learning performance.

For this purpose, empathy and mutual appreciation are placed in the foreground of school life. Honesty and reliability in dealing with each other are a matter of course. Fairness is exemplified by the teachers.

Preventive conflict avoidance and good handling as well as clear rules of conduct are taken into account. Violence, bullying or degrading behavior will not be tolerated.

This is reinforced by:

  • weekly “school lessons” (80 minutes every Friday), which serve all pupil interests as well as mutual understanding and team building in the class.

  • the regular and open exchange that parents and teachers cultivate and, if necessary, through their close and trusting cooperation.

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