Pedagogical focus
The pedagogical work at Mentora-Gymnasium is based on the individual promotion of giftedness as well as a mathematicalscientific orientation that we implement in class and in everyday school life in a differentiated, practical and subject-related way.

Promotion of giftedness
Highly gifted children and adolescents are characterized by their skills and interests, which are developed very early, well above average. In principle, when designing lessons for highly gifted pupils, the principles of good teaching are observed and, moreover, individualized teaching. It is important to diagnose pedagogically during the learning process and to activate the students cognitively. Talent-promoting classes are designed in such a way that the individual needs of the pupils, the needs of the learning group, the requirements of the subject as well as special teaching situations are taken into account as far as possible.

Mathematical and scientific orientation
Mathematics and science-oriented teaching makes indispensable contributions to the following interconnected competencies, which together describe our goal of education - a goal that we strive for by designing learning-oriented and student-oriented teaching for all of our students:

Expertise Basic knowledge base for solving specific individual and social problems.
Learning skills Willingness and ability to learn from problems and conflicts. Great curiosity.
Thinking skills Ability to abstraction, mastery of symbolic languages ​​and formulas. Confidence in dealing with thought models and the ability to reason logically. Insight into the need for opposing ways of thinking such as linear / networked and creative
Theoretical science competence Insight into the science systematics and delimitation to Parasciences, pseudosciences and ideologies.
Willingness and ability to deal with science, technology, art, philosophy and religion.
Language skills Security in mother tongue and technical language expression. Enjoy communication.
health literacy Positive health concept and enjoyment of health.
Environmental competence Perception and assessment of conditions and changes in the environment. Environmentally friendly behavior in all areas of life.
social skills Ability to work in a community. Communication and cooperation skills as well as an understanding of democracy.
Ethical competence Knowledge of norms and ability to reflect on norms. Ability to make decisions and willingness to take responsibility for
our democratic, humanistic values.
Mastery of experimentation, evaluation and computer techniques. Ability to design graphically.