At our grammar school, digital learning in class and all day is linked to the digital learning platform EduPage and its digital school management software.

School management, administration, teachers, students in secondary level I, upper level and their guardians communicate using the digital school platform EduPage. In addition to the digital class and grade book, the digital timetable and online substitution plan, shoulder refills can also be planned and communicated online.  

Student and parent accounts

With the student or parent account, teachers can communicate directly via EduPage and share important information from everyday school life. Via a school messenger on the school's intranet, teachers communicate with students and parents in a secure environment.

Compliance with German data protection standards is guaranteed.  

Digital media in class

We are convinced that the use of digital media in the classroom is pedagogically valuable, because digital media open up a wide range of opportunities in the area of ​​teaching and learning processes, for example in terms of exchange, collaboration and motivation, better differentiation between heterogeneous teaching groups, research or production and presentation of products.

Especially with a view to the increasing social diversity, which is also reflected in the increasingly different learning requirements in the classroom, digital media have great potential, provided their use is embedded in an individually encouraging teaching and learning culture. They can help tailor content, pathways and learning methods to the needs of each student.

Digital tools therefore support an action- and development-oriented design of lessons at high school.

School practice and studies indicate that digital media can achieve the greatest possible benefit when used in addition to traditional classroom materials. Class, course and specialist rooms in the lower secondary level and the upper level of the gymnasium are designed and considered in the renovation of the school so that, if it makes sense from an educational point of view in the course of the lesson, we have a digital learning environment and WiFi access for all students is available at all times.