The idea of ​​a comprehensive, solid mathematical and scientific high school education for all students is the guiding principle of our work. The major challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change, require a better science education than ever. An education that enables our students to recognize, understand, explain, critically evaluate scientific phenomena and technical problems in everyday life and draw conclusions for their own actions.

At the Mentora high school, students are trained in the method of research-based learning in a technical and didactic way so that they can participate actively and constructively in society. We understand mathematical and scientific education as an essential part of school education, because the imparting of methodological skills and technical knowledge enables a fundamental professional understanding of questions of technology and the global world in which we live.

It is our goal that our students have the courage and the ability to use their own minds, talents and talents when they graduate from high school.

More equal opportunities

In view of the fact that new insights are constantly being gained and new technologies are finding their way into everyday life, adolescents have to learn to tap new information. Through forms of individual learning, the individual promotion of inclinations, talents and talents, we want to achieve the goal of our educational work and create more equal opportunities for the students of the Mentora high school. We offer a particularly diverse and differentiated range of learning with subject-related forms of teaching, which challenges and promotes each student according to his or her abilities.

Mentora High School in Berlin - part of the BAU Global Network

Our high school is part of the BAU Global Network, a network that offers our students the unique opportunity to gain international teaching experience abroad, which prepares them for their further education in a globalized world of work.

We are particularly proud of the collaboration with the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.

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