The school routine at the Mentora high school

Beginning of school year

At the beginning of the school year, a team building is carried out with the pupils, in which the working methods at the school as well as essential behavioral norms are conveyed.

Daily structure

  • In den Specialist lessons work the Students to tasks that have been determined by the respective subject teacher. The teacher supports this with short, concise introductions to the topic of the task and the methods required for this, and instructions in the task processing of the Students and feedback on the task outcome.

  • In den Open working hours work the Students on tasks of their choice under the supervision of a teacher. These times allow you to adapt to different learning speeds (one student will learn faster in English, another in mathematics - both can then focus on the subject in which they need more time during open working hours) and thus a better overall learning result. The open working hours are supervised by two adults.

The Breaks are kept long enough to allow a sufficient change of tension and relaxation. There is a 20 minute break between each double hour.

The Lunchtime is 40 minutes long. Lunch takes place in the adjoining restaurant.

Weekly structure

The hours for a learning area can be bundled on a weekday to facilitate cross-subject work in the learning areas.

Weekly one School lesson instead, in which current student concerns of the respective class are discussed - this is also individually designed by the students. On the one hand, this is conducive to that Team building and conflict resolution and thus central to the social climate at school. On the other hand, catching up with and taking appropriate account of student concerns increases the motivation to learn and strengthens the level of student-friendly teaching.

Project weeks

During the school year at least two project weeks carried out. For this purpose, tasks are defined that can have a particularly practical or interdisciplinary character. During the project week, the entire teaching time is used to work on these tasks. The presence of the subject teachers*Inside is regulated according to the tasks and their personal availability in deviation from the timetable.


The same vacation periods apply like in public schools in Berlin.

Other key points

The profile and elective courses are used to expand the tasks to include self-motivation-increasing parts (e.g. application relevance, assuming responsibility at school, etc.).

The timetable complies with the annual number of hours required in public schools.


After class, there will be various offers for students Students organized at school. These offers are not covered by school fees. They are geared towards the individual concerns of the students and their parents. The offers are therefore mostly organized after the registration process has been completed.

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