Student-friendly learning at the Mentora Gymnasium

Student-friendly learning means tailoring tasks individually to the learning speed, type of learning and inclinations of students - always in compliance with the Berlin framework curriculum. This increases learning performance and is therefore an essential success factor for first-class education.

Student-friendly tasks and framework

The Mentora Gymnasium offers plenty of space for student-friendly learning:

  • The classes are with an average of 15 Students small enough so that teachers can respond individually to each student.

  • Tasks are in dialogue with the Students fixed and aligned to their learning type, so that self-motivation and learning effectiveness are as high as possible.

  • Different learning speeds are easily made possible by

    • "Open working hours" (exercise phases in which Students spend more time on one or the other subject, depending on your learning progress) and
    • The classrooms are also large enough so that the Students work undisturbed and in parallel on different tasks.

Student-friendly learning

Selected guiding principles and methods of reform pedagogy are used for student-friendly learning. Furthermore, it is strengthened by the application relevance as well as the atmosphere of appreciation and cooperation at the Mentora high school.

Unleash talent and potential

Part of the student orientation is to specifically identify and promote the potential and talents of students. This is done by teachers who have years of experience in it. The flexible framework with individual tasks and open working hours offers the necessary scope. This way, as well as highly gifted students can successfully support in the same way.

Accompanying IT use

Student-friendly learning is selectively supported by IT:

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