Regular feedback as part of the school concept

At the Mentora Gymnasium, open, mutual feedback is part of the school culture and supports the learning process, the good social climate and the trusting cooperation between teachers, students and parents.

Ongoing feedback

Teachers can learn each individual in the small classes Students track quite well and support with appropriate feedback. In return, they get regular feedback from them in class and during school hours Students .

Parents are proactively informed of relevant developments by teachers and can contact the teachers at any time if necessary.


Each student receives a teacher as a mentor according to their preferences. The mentor supports the pupil in all subjects in his development and is his confidant and contact person in all matters that cannot be solved with one teacher alone. The mentor and pupils conduct at least two and, if necessary, more balance sheet and target discussions.

For the parents, the mentor is also the contact person for all questions that a teacher would not be able to deal with alone. He reports proactively when required and is always available for parents.

Regular surveys

Once a year, students and parents are asked about their satisfaction with all relevant dimensions of the school experience.

Among other things, elements such as Study progress, School community and Implementation of the school concept evaluated.

We are pleased with the overall satisfaction marks of 1.5 of our students and 1.3 of our parents.

There were particularly positive reviews for:

  • the small class sizes

  • the interdisciplinary topics

  • the independence of Students and

  • respectful treatment of the Students.

As always, we derive measures to improve the Mentora Gymnasium from the results.

Would you like to know more about how the constant feedback is integrated and implemented in everyday school life? Then ask all questions directly to us. We look forward to your call or message.

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