The framework curriculum and the tasks - What is taught at the Mentora Gymnasium?

"The book of nature is written with mathematical symbols."
(Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642, Italian mathematician, philosopher and physicist)


The transfer of competences according to the Berlin framework curriculum is basically carried out within the framework of "tasks"

  • to be chosen in such a way that they support the intrinsic motivation of the students Students connect as well as possible with learning processes,

  • are regularly application-related,

  • can be subject-specific or cross-subject,

  • are worked on individually, in partner or in team work,

  • partly processed outside of school (e.g. in a company) and

  • a week can also span longer periods.

Framework curriculum

The respective elements of the framework curriculum are identified in the task. In this way, even with highly application-related or interdisciplinary learning, it remains traceable which of the content required in the framework curriculum has been learned.

Other school learning objectives addressed in tasks (eg presentation techniques) are also shown.

Learning areas

Application-related and interdisciplinary learning takes place above all in "learning areas", which summarize the typical fields of action in the life of students and future professional worlds. However, other technical links are also possible and desirable (e.g. mathematics and music).

Learning areas Subjects addressed Examples of application relevance
Society Ethics, history / social studies, geography Understanding of own and other values ​​as well as behavior from history, development and application of rules of conduct at school, participation in social initiatives
Economy & technology Mathematics, German, fine arts, physics / chemistry / biology Setting up & operating a school company, working on a real challenge for a Berlin company, understanding everyday products and technical systems in their functionality and production, supporting the planning and construction of a building, designing the school website, building school furniture
Nature & body Physics / chemistry / biology, geography, sport Evolutionary biology in the urban fauna and flora, conception / holding a guided tour for small children in the natural history museum, in addition to regular physical education: paddle weekend, organization of lunch at school
Musical expression & experience German, music, visual arts Students write short stories, school band plays at school party

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