“School is the reflection of a heterogeneous society. It uses the different requirements, backgrounds, attitudes and values ​​of the students as an essential basis for the design of a democratic school culture and supports and accompanies the children and young people on the way to a self-determined life.

The acquisition of subject-related competencies is of great importance for the general education and life of the students. However, social challenges can only be tackled if professional boundaries are exceeded at school. Schoolchildren should therefore find out at an early stage what major tasks our society and the global community are facing and learn what diverse aspects need to be taken into account when planning and developing solution strategies ”(framework curriculum).

Overarching topics and priorities

In order to make the treatment of the overarching topics from the framework curriculum but also from the focus of our school program clearer and to create possible interdisciplinary or interdisciplinary cooperation in the secondary level I and the upper secondary level, we have reviewed the superordinate topics and our focus for the project days at our grammar school Categories summarized:

Priority setting from the school program General topics from the framework curriculum
  • STEM and art
  • Intercultural education
  • Education for the acceptance of diversity
  • Foreign languages ​​English and Spanish
  • Democracy education
  • violence prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Consumer education
  • Europe education
  • Global development

Why project days?

Experience from the private sector shows that project work often leads to better, faster, more creative results and increases employee motivation. The project days, which take place regularly at our grammar school, are also a good opportunity to lure the students out of the reserve through innovative methods, to instruct them to be willing to act and take responsibility and to learn independently and to strengthen their teamwork, social skills and self-competence .

The aim of the project days is to promote modern working techniques and to enable students from lower secondary and upper secondary school to practice coping with complex tasks, to act in a goal-oriented manner and in a team and thus to prepare them for the requirements of further studies and professional life .


At our grammar school, these thematic project days take place in which we provide content from the overriding topics as well as our internal school focus at regular intervals and they break through the usual teaching rhythm in their interdisciplinary implementation.

Project days can include excursions, cooperation with external institutions and companies as well as practical learning in the laboratory of our grammar school but also in the workshops of the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.