Life-like learning - the application at the Mentora Gymnasium

At the Mentora Gymnasium, students work on life-related tasks, the solution of which requires the skills according to the Berlin framework curriculum and are taught according to the curriculum. "Real life" means that the tasks

  • real life situations Students, different professional worlds or from the everyday life of different countries and cultures of the world and

  • are prepared didactically in a suitable form.

The application relevance is an important part of the student orientation, because the solution of real-life tasks for Students motivating and in the learning effect is more sustainable.

Practical part

The proportion of practical work in these tasks is designed to a reasonable extent and takes various forms:

  • Students learn based on their own living environment at school (e.g. issues and conflicts are clarified in the "school lesson" and school rules are further developed - whereby individual skills are conveyed from the framework curriculum for ethics and German) and at home (e.g. using global supply chains for the own clothing skills developed from the framework curricula for history, social studies and geography).

  • Students learn from the professional and living environments of others. On the one hand, practitioners are brought into school to convey curriculum content and its application based on their professional world (e.g. architects for curriculum content on art, physics and mathematics). On the other hand, "learning at another location" is systematically cultivated through excursions and study trips.

Since the solution of real-life tasks regularly requires competences from several subjects, intensive cross-subject work is carried out.

Learning as a global citizen

The Mentora high school students are systematically enabled to think and act in global contexts as well as to study and later work abroad.

International tasks:
Tasks are regularly put that bring life situations and challenges of other countries and cultures into the classroom.

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