Differentiation - Every student is different!

Student-friendly learning and talent promotion require a wide scope for differentiated tasks and processing. For this reason, the students of our high school are differentiated according to different criteria - sources of motivation, types of learning and pace of learning. This is the only way to promote individual learning.

This scope is created with several instruments:

  • The small classes allow teachers*Inside and teacher the Students very individual feedback and give personal assistance.

  • With the "Tasks“The what, when, how, where and with whom of learning is varied in a wide range. Even highly gifted people can achieve a high degree of learning success without leaving the class association.

  • The open working hours allow adaptation to different learning speeds in different subjects (those who are faster in English and slower in mathematics, use more open working hours on mathematics - and vice versa) and thus counteract excessive and insufficient demands.

In individual cases - within the scope of what is feasible for the school - an even stronger differentiation can be offered (e.g. special forms of cooperation with universities or other institutions or cross-class, special challenges).

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