With us, learning outside of the classroom is an integral part. Conveyed theoretical knowledge is used in real life.

What makes us special - students design their school!

  • Each student has a teacher as a mentor who is on hand as a permanent confidant and learning adviser.
  • Every week there is a plenary session where every student can speak and be heard.

  • Together, the school rules are designed and conflicts are resolved with confidence.

  • Help shape the school environment: whether it's about colors or the "chill corner" - the Students are asked.

  • Students assume responsibility: eg in the school company

The mentoring system at the Mentora Gymnasium

The mentor (m / f) is a teacher. A mentor:

  • is the trusted person for the supervised Students and parents.

  • conducts target agreement and feedback discussions Students and parents.

  • advises the Students on everyday school life, general life issues and further questions of educational and career planning.

  • advises the teachers in relation to the educational work with the Students.

  • promotes and challenges the Students.

  • is an intermediary between the Students, Parents and teachers.

Daily use of modern technology

For our students, the internet is part of their everyday school life. They use this as an opportunity for exciting and successful learning.

In the Mentora Gymnasium all students can access learning programs and do research via the Internet. On a learning platform, students have the option of accessing their tasks from home - while parents can roughly track which exercises their children are currently working on.

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